Merchant 1 Marketing
Merchant 1 Marketing is an internet distributor specializing in marketing automotive and industrial
products through 15 niche / specialized websites. We build the sites and heavily market them using search
engine optimization and Google AdWords to generate customer traffic.  Daily operations focus on
customer support and sells through our call center. Throught this center we take orders, process billing,
and handle customer service issues.  M1M is built on a modern, internet-based buisness model which
supports the complete business cycle for both our customers and our suppliers.

Marketing Mission Statement / Vision:
Provide our customers a simple and efficient venue for equipment/product procurement in conjunction with
a positive customer service experience in order to establish and build long-term customer relationships.   
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"There is only one boss
- The customer.  And   he
can fire everybody in the
company from the
chairman on down, simply
by spending his money
somewhere else."
    - Sam Walton
Merchant 1 Manufacturing is the production or manufacturing side of our business. We currently
manufacture automotive and industrial paint spray booths, powder coating booths, and media blasting
containment booths. The parts, labor, and final product are truly American-made in the state of NC.  The
booths are both OSHA and NPFA-certified.  There are standard sizes and models available;, however
each model is also fully customizable to meet any and all customer-specific requirements.  

Manufacturing Mission Statement / Vision:
Maintain a consistent and sustainable production process to meet customer demand.  Design and
manufacture high quality products that meet and/or exceed customer expectations.
Merchant 1 Manufacturing
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